Bondi Farms is named after the famous Bondi Beach in Australia, reminding us of a place where relaxation and activity are part of daily life. Here at Bondi Farms we try to make every day like a day at the beach! 

Our 21,000 square foot warehouse is located in Longview, WA. Our growers have years of cannabis cultivating experience, and we use state of the art equipment and procedures to produce the finest quality cannabis flower. All of our rooms operate on a closed loop system (the air is recycled through our HVAC system), which allows us to block outside air from coming in. This prevents molds, mildews, and other outside contaminants.

By utilizing a closed loop system, we can critically control the temperature & humidity in each of our separate grow rooms. Conditions are constantly monitoring to make sure we provide a consistent and beneficial environment for our plants to thrive in!


We create CO2 levels in the rooms that help the plants absorb nutrients as they would in nature, this also benefits the overall health of the plants. We hand water our plants - the water is purified and transferred into 400 gallon tanks, where the PH levels are adjusted and the necessary nutrients are added for feeding. 


All our plants start from clippings taken from our in-house mother plants. The clippings start off in a hydroponic system for 2-3 weeks until the roots start to form...


We then transfer the clippings into pots with treated soil and send them to the vegetative room. There they are under a time controlled light system and receive 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness a day for 4-8 weeks, varying by strain.

After the vegetative stage the plants are ready to begin flowering. We transfer them into 7 gallon pots to allow proper room for growth and move them to our flowering rooms. They receive 12 hours of light under HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lights, and 12 hours of darkness per day. During the flowering stage we constantly manicure the plants to allow proper circulation and reduction of moisture. They will remain under these conditions for 8-10 weeks, varying by strain.

Once the flowering stage is complete the plants are trimmed and begin the drying process. Our trimmed, freshly harvested cannabis spends 7-10 days air drying in controlled rooms. Once our cannabis is dry we cure it for another 7-14 days.


Now that our product is cured we give it a final trim and send it off to a Washington State testing facility. The rest of the harvest is properly stored in environment controlled rooms until it goes out to our stockists. We package all of our orders as they are received and give them an additional quality check to make sure that each order is fresh and of the finest quality!